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Pinoy breakfast

One of the traditional breakfast food of Filipinos consist of rice, egg and fried dried fish or squid. Today, we had fried dried squid and anchovies with tomatoes, egg strips and garlic fried rice for breakfast! Dried seafood may have that distinctive smell…but once eaten, it's heaven! Choosing between muffins, bagel, donut, pancakes, ham, spam, sausage and dried seafood? I'll definitely go for dried seafood! Ohhh sooo yummy!

Want to try it??? Just visit any Oriental store near you, and there you'll find a wide variety of dried seafood! Just be sure to fry it outside so your house won't smell! :)

Have a great weekend everyone!!! :-*


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  2. can't compare to ihop..starbucks..!!! lutong pinoy pa rin...ito pa din ang da best breakfast ever..sooo yummy...

  3. Ho fatto quello traduttore che mi avevi suggerito.Devo dire che mi รจ piaciuto molto.
    Grazie mille per lo suggerimento.