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Pinay in Texas Cooking Corner has two main goals: first, to show the whole world the goodness and uniqueness of Filipino Cuisine, and second, to help Filipino food lovers learn how to cook and prepare Filipino food. This site features tested easy-to follow recipes with step by step instructions to make cooking as easy as possible.

Please note that all images and text are property of Pinay In Texas Cooking Corner unless otherwise noted. Do not copy or replicate without permission. I'll be honored to have you try my recipes. All I ask is that you please give Pinay In Texas Cooking Corner some credit by posting a comment on my posts, putting a  link back to my site or sharing my site to others. :)

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About TINA a.k.a. PinayInTexas

Hi everyone! I am Cristina Flores-De Guzman, a  Filipina a.k.a Pinay (half BatangueƱa and half BulakeƱa) stay-home mom here in Texas, USA. My father, Ernesto Flores is a native of San Jose, Batangas and my mother, Thelma Lopez is from Malolos, Bulacan. I grew up with their superb cooking and now that I live far away from home, I know how it feels to be craving for the food that you grew up with. This and my desire to share with my 2 daughters our mouth-watering Filipino delicacies, inspire me to be a better cook.
Cooking has become my passion and I’ve created this recipe blog to share this passion with you. I’m not a professional chef nor do I have extensive training in the kitchen. My craving for Filipino food and my love of cooking is what drives me to search for good recipes and modify it to my taste. Here you’ll find recipes that my family loves and for sure, pinoy and non-pinoys would love. I have been dreaming of having my own food blog for years and now it has come true. Let me be the first to welcome you to Pinay in Texas Cooking Corner


This is the part of our kitchen where I do all my cooking. It’s not huge nor fancy…but it's just perfect for me. It is where  I make all the mouth-watering food that my family and friends love…and I'm proud of it!


Meet the love of my life and the reason why my passion for cooking has grown more and more...

RYAN --- my loving and very supportive husband and best friend. He was my schoolmate from 1st grade to 5th grade, classmate in 6th grade, good friend in high school and school mate again in college. Towards the end of 1997, he became my boyfriend and in the year 2000, we decided to end our boyfriend-girlfriend relationship and start  a more DEFINITE thing...something which will give us the assurance that we'll have each other by our side 'til death do us part. It has been 10 years since then and we're here --- so HAPPY TOGETHER  with our two lovely princesses...

CLARISE --- my 12-yr old daughter who's very much like me except that the only interest she shows in the kitchen is that of eating. :) She continues to amaze us each and every day with all her accomplishments. She's growing smart, responsible, sweet and so loving...and we're so proud of her!

CHERLIN --- my 9-yr old daughter who's always so sweet and very helpful. She calls herself my "kitchen assistant". She loves to watch and help me cook. She says "when I'm already a mommy, I will cook for my kids too...just like you, Mom!" She's growing up way too fast! (sigh...)

They are my #1 Taste Testers. Everything I cook needs their approval first before I let our friends try it. It should be all thumbs up from the 3 of them...if not, it just means the recipe still needs improvement and is not yet worth sharing with others! (^.^)