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Easy Kids' Bento Ideas

Welcome to Pinay In Texas Cooking Corner's Kids' Bento (home prepared mealIdeas page!!! 

With the inspiration from My Lil Messy & Cheeky and Cooking Gallery, I've created this page where you will find my simple and easy bento creations for my 2 daughters which might inspire you to add a touch of your creativity (despite your busy schedule) to the usual food that your kids love to eat. I'm hoping that it will be of help especially to those with little kids like me!

Description What's In It?
Bento #1: 
Stars and Bear Bento
cheese sandwich, star & bear-shaped American cheese slices, bear-shaped hard boiled egg & cherries
Bento #2:  
ham sandwich, heart-shaped American cheese slices, bunny-shaped hard boiled egg & grapes
Bento #3: Breakfast Bento star/heart-shaped steamed rice, bunny/bear-shaped hard boiled egg, chinese chorizo  & bacon
Bento #4: Spaghetti and Chicken Nuggets Bento filipino-style spaghetti, beef franks & chicken nuggets
Bento #5
Cheese Sandwich and Mini Kabobs Bento
cheese sandwich, heart-shaped American cheese slices, carrots, turkey ham & mozzarella cheese with grapes & cantaloupe
Bento #6:  
pancakes, bacon, egg, cheese and strawberries
Bento #7:  
pancakes, franks, egg, cheese and strawberries
Bento #8:  
pancit canton, kikiam and fish balls
Bento #9: 
Filipino Red Hotdogs Bento
Filipino red hotdogs,  
flower and bunny-shaped cheese sandwiches and grapes
Bento #10: 
Buttered Vegetable Spaghetti and Octodogs Bento
Spaghetti pasta with buttered vegetables,  
and octopus beef franks
Bento #11: 
Happy Girl Bento
Beef frank, squid ball, buttered mixed veggies  

and rice with salmon furikake
Bento #12: 
Yellow Haired Girl Bento
Mac & cheese, sweet ham, mozarella cheese, carrots
cantaloupe and grapes
Bento #13: 
Flowers and Butterfly Bento
Butterfly shaped cheese sandwich, flower shaped sweet ham with julienned carrots, cantaloupe and grapes
Bento #14: 
Flower Garden Bento
Flower shaped cheese/peanut butter sandwich, flower shaped carrots with celery leaves, flower shaped spam with cheese, broccoli, grapes and pear
Bento #15: 
Curly Haired Girl Bento
Chicken Pasta, American Cheese, Carrots, Spam, cantaloupe and grapes
Bento #16: 
Under the Sea Bento
Fish and Starfish shaped ham sandwich, squid and octopus beef franks, cantaloupe, grapes and kiwi
Bento #17: 
Fried Rice & Embutido Bento
Meat and Vegetable Fried Rice, embutido / mini ham and beef franks kabobs, grapes and cantaloupe
Bento #18: 
Yogi Bear Bento
Ham and Cheese Sandwich, Beef Franks, Carrots, Celery, Grapes, Raisins, Kiwi & Peaches
Bento #19: 
Chicken Nuggets and Mac & Cheese Bento
Macaroni & Cheese, chicken nuggets, grapes and cantaloupe
Bento #20: 
Adorable Puppy Bento
Ham & Cheese Sandwich, White American Cheese, carrots, beef franks, blueberries, and grapes / strawberries
Bento #21: 
Gobble, Gobble! Turkey Bento
Cheese Sandwich, egg, carrots, sweet ham, blueberries, and grapes & cantaloupe/strawberries
Bento #22: 
Starry, Starry Fried Rice Bento
Fried rice, Filipino red hotdogs, turkey bacon, strawberries and brownies
Bento #23: 
Bunny Bento
Turkey ham sandwich, American Cheese, mini sweet ham kabobs, carrots, blueberries, grapes and strawberries
Bento #24: 
Chicken Pasta Bento
Chicken Pasta With Sun-dried Tomatoes, flower shaped American cheese with nori eyes & lips, and grapes / cantaloupe
Bento #25: 
Burger Bear Bento
Quarter Pounder Cheeseburger, American cheese, carrots, celery, and  mini donuts / grapes and cantaloupes
Bento #26: 
Curly Girl Pancit Canton Bento
Pancit Canton with carrot bits, fried Chinese chorizo, hard boiled egg with grapes and cantaloupe 
Bento #27: 
Starlight, Star Bright Bento
Sweet ham & cheese sandwich, American cheese, flower turkey ham and carrots, celery, and grapes / cantaloupe
Bento #28: 
Hello Kitty Mac & Cheese Bento
Mac & Cheese, chicken nuggets, American cheese and fruit salad
Bento #29: 
Hello Kitty Egg and Chicken Cordon Bleu Bento
Fried rice with mixed vegetables, over easy egg, chicken cordon bleu and brownies
Bento #30: 
Hello Kitty Fried Rice Bento
Fried rice with egg and mixed vegetables, fried Chinese chorizo and cathedral window
Bento #31: 
Hello Kitty Sandwich Bento
Ham and cheese sandwich, turkey bacon & carrots mini kabobs, and madeleines / chocolate
Bento #32: 
Flower Bento
Turkey ham and cheese sandwich, mini kabobs (sweet ham, carrots & celery) and brownies/mini donut
Bento #33: 
Animal Sandwich Bento
Bear and bunny-shaped ham sandwiches, hard boiled egg and cheese mini kabobs / bear and bunny shaped American cheese, and grapes & cantaloupe
Bento 34: 
Curious George Bento
Ham and cheese sandwich, string cheese, grapes and orange slices / apple chunks
Bento #35: 
Grilled Cheese Bento
Grilled cheese sandwich, sweet ham and string cheese mini kabobs and grapes