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A Bunch of Awards

We went camping last weekend, and the oak tree pollen from our campsite has triggered my allergy. I've been sneezing triples and my eyes have been itchy since day 1 of camping. When we got home yesterday, my face was all red and itchy and I couldn't stop sneezing. This morning, I woke up with puffy red eyes and a runny nose. My allergy medicine just doesn't seem to work. It was driving me crazy...and I didn't seem to be in the mood for blogging. But after I checked my blog, I felt a lot better and I got so inspired to make this post. I know you're wondering why. Well, one of my favorite bloggers, Manu of Manu's Menu, posted a comment on my last post saying she has an award for me. When I checked it out, I was surprised to see that she gave me not just one award...she actually passed on eight awards! Isn't that awesome? Once again, I am overwhelmed! It's truly an honor to be chosen from a bunch of wonderful bloggers around the world.

Thanks, my dear Manu for all these awards! I am so grateful! You know how much I love your blog, but because of this, I'm loving it more! :) You really made my day!

I would love to pass on these awards to 15 of my most favorite bloggers. They all show a sense of originality and style which make their blogs so wonderful and really worth reading. Plus, they are all so supportive thus making blogging really worthwhile for me
Amy of
Kankana of Sunshine and Smile
Kate of Diethood 
Katerina of Cullinary Flavors
Medeja of Cranberry Jam
Nava of Nava-K


  1. How wonderful for you! And thanks for awarding me and for your kind comment on my blog. It's been so nice sharing recipes and stories with you. Your blog and is always such a pleasure to read and your recipes are so family friendly and sound delicious. Those spring allergies can really wear you down. Hope you're feeling better. Thanks again, and I'll let you know when I write about my awards!

  2. Thanks so much for the "bunch of awards". I feel humbled- definitely not like I deserve all those. You have really been an inspiration to me. You do a wonderful job with all your posts. Hope you are starting to feel better soon! Sarah

  3. Congratulations on your awards and thank you so much for passing them along! I truly appreciate them. Your own blog is just as amazing. :)

    No doubt Spring is here. It brings along beautiful blossoms....and allergy! Yike...hope you're feeling better soon! Please take care.


  4. You truly truly deserve it and Thank you SO much .. BIG BIG HUGS dear :)

  5. Tina,grazie mille!!! Sei molto generosa.E per me รจ stato un onore essere inserita sul tuo blog.
    Un bacione

  6. Thank you very much Tina for the fabulous awards! I'm really touched and humbled and flattered at the same time. Your blog inspires me as well and you truly deserve all these awards so Congratulations to you! :) I really admire your blog because you are so focused in helping propagate Filipino cuisine into the culinary mainstream. As always, I'm looking forward to dropping by your blog every day. More power to you! And thank you for making my day :D

  7. Tina, you're the best! Thank you for thinking of me!! Miriam@Meatless Meals For Meat Eaters

  8. Awww- Tina, thanks so much!

    Have been out due to the 9-5 job and this is so fabulous to get back to!

    Congrats on your awards and passing it on to me(again), cannot wait to check out the others. So glad to connect with you here on the bloggersphere :)