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Halo-Halo (Mixed Fruits and Beans in Shaved Ice)

Halo-Halo, whose root word halo means "mix" in Filipino, is a traditional summer cooler in the Philippines. It is basically sweet preserves like kamote(sweet potato), langka(jackfruit), kidney beans, monggong pula(red mung beans), nata de coco(coconut gel), saging na saba(cardava banana), sago(tapioca pearls), sugar palm(kaong) and ube(purple yam) mixed together, filled with shaved ice and milk, topped with ice cream, leche flan or haleyang ube(purple yam jam) and sprinkled with rice crispies, ground nuts or coconut flakes. This refreshing treat is usually served in a tall, clear glass or bowl that shows it's colorful contents.

Though Halo-Halo is a favorite during summer when the weather is particularly hot and humid, it is eaten year round in the Philippines, and is available in most restaurants and fast food chains. My most favorite is that of Via Mare & Chowking...but I must say that nothing compares to homemade Halo-Halo.

What I like with homemade Halo-Halo, just like any other homemade food, is that you can always make it according to your taste, and you are always sure that you are using fresh ingredients. You can always opt for the bottled fruit preserves available in stores but as for me, I prefer cooking them myself. Though it takes lots of hours to cook beans and tapioca pearls, it's worth it. I can always cook the ingredients ahead of time anyway! 

Servings: 4

  • ½ cup gulaman, cubed (cubed gelatin)
  • ½ cup minatamis na kamote (sweet potato in syrup)
  • ½ cup minatamis na langka (jackfuit in syrup)
  • ½ cup minatamis na saging na Saba (Cardava Banana in syrup)
  • ½ cup minatamis na sago (tapioca pearls in syrup)
  • 4 to 6 cups shaved ice
  • 1 can Evaporated Milk
  • 4 scoops halayang ube
  • ½ cup pinipig (rice crispies) or ground peanuts or roasted coconut flakes

1. In each glass place 1/8 cup of each ingredient.

2. Top with 1 cup shaved ice.

3. Pour ¼ cup milk over shaved ice and top with a scoop of halayang ube.  Sprinkle nuts, pinipig or coconut flakes over it.

5. Serve immediately!

On another note, it was Pinay In Texas Cooking Corner's fifth monthsary yesterday! I was too occupied with a lot of other things that I wasn't able to do a post. Anyway, this is just a quick note to thank all of you for your unending support! You, my wonderful followers are my inspiration that keeps me going! THANK YOU SO MUCH for making Pinay In Texas Cooking Corner a part of your life! My only wish is that you stay with me on this journey as I try to improve my cooking skills to provide you with more mouth-watering recipes. May we all learn in the process...and be able to share wonderful experiences with one another!


  1. Yum! Yum! Yum! I just love halo halo even if its so calorific. I wish it gets hot here so I can have some. Yes Via Mare's is so good. Who shaved the ice?

  2. We have this small electric ice shaver that's so easy to use. But it's so small that it takes time to shave ice for the 4 of us. I'm not patient enough so Ryan does it for me all the time. LOL

  3. I grew up eating shaved ice in Hawaii. The first time I had halo halo it blew my mind- I was like wow whats all this other goodness. Super yummy summer time treat!

  4. Oh Tina! What a fantastic summer dessert! I am sure it tastes delicious and it looks so colourful! Really beautiful! Also, congrats on your 5th month of blogging. Guess what??? I just realised that today is my 5th month of blogging too! I guess I started 2 days after you (Jan 16th)... what a coincidence! <3 Have a great day!

  5. What a colorful and delicious treat!! I grew up eating shaved ice in summer time and I totally miss having shaved ice here. I thought of buying it online...but I didn't since SF doesn't get hot enough to use it often. I'm so envious you are eating shaved ice! Looks yummy Tina!

  6. Such a great patience in preparing at home, we call this Ice Kacang or ABC at Malaysia.

  7. Very interesting! It's so colorful and cute !

  8. Shaved ice desserts are so popular in Southeast Asia because of the hot and humid weather. This sounds perfect for summer in Minnesota where it is also hot and humid.

  9. Hi Tina! We have the similar Halo Halo in SG that's very popular too! It's called Ais(Ice) kacang, a Malaysian dessert. Formerly in my Mom's childhood days, it was made of only shaved ice and red beans in balls which I know is almost the same in Philippines, right? :D
    Now our Ice Kachang consists of : red bean, creamy corn, cubed jelly(agar-agar), cubed grass jelly(black in color)and palm seed topped with evaporated milk, condensed milk, or coconut milk is drizzled over the mountain of ice along with red rose syrup and sarsi syrup. Now there're more toppings such as crushed peanut, durian, mango, chocolate syrup and ice cream. So many different choices! I love my ice kachang with lots and lots of red beans! ^.^

  10. Looks so cute and perfect for the season. Shaved ice is so refreshing .. love those!

  11. Hi Tina,
    What a beautiful, cool, and refreshing dessert. I just love your presentation, great job! I really want to try this and can't wait to taste it. Thank you so much for sharing with Full Plate Thursday and hope to see you next week!
    Miz Helen

  12. What a cool recipe, Tina. I am enjoying hearing all your unique recipes that are new to me :) Thanks for coming by to share! Have a great weekend.

  13. i love your halo-halo! it looks so sosyal :)