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Recreating PiTCC Recipes In Your Kitchen and This Week's Bentos

If you are following Pinay in Texas Cooking Corner on Facebook, maybe you already know about our ongoing contest called Recreating PiTCC Recipes In Your Kitchen. It's a dish photo contest wherein PiTCC FB fans who recreates any recipe from Pinay In Texas Cooking Corner can submit a photo of their dish. The photo that gets the most "likes" wins. I haven't announced the prize yet...but I assure you it will be really "great"! This is supposed to be a Christmas giveaway but after seeing some photos from followers who recreated my recipes, I got the idea of just hosting a photo contest. The contest period may seem too long, but with everyone's busy schedule, I guess it's better that way so there will be enough time for interested fans to join. There are 11 entries so far...looking forward to seeing more! Check out Pinay in Texas Cooking Corner on Facebook, and see for yourself which recipes our FB fans recreated in their kitchen! You might get inspired to join too!

Now, for my Friday Bento post...

The bentos I made this week weren't fancy...but I'm sure Clarise and Cherlin loved them because their lunch boxes were always empty when I checked them in the afternoon. I guess that's a good proof that they liked the food, right? (Unless they threw them, which I hope not.)

Bento #17 Fried Rice & Embutido Bento (Clarise's request)
What's in it: Meat and Vegetable Fried Rice, embutido / mini ham and beef franks kabobs, grapes and cantaloupe

Clarise requested for meat and vegetable fried rice with embutido. Cherlin said she didn't want embutido so she had mini ham & beef franks kabobs instead. That was the first time Clarise and Cherlin had rice for school lunch...they said everyone was looking at them because they were eating rice in school. But they didn't mind. They are Filipinos and they love eating rice! :)

Bento #18 Yogi Bear Bento (Cherlin's request)
What's in it: Ham and Cheese Sandwich, Beef Franks, Carrots, Celery, Grapes, Raisins, Kiwi & Peaches

Tuesday night, Cherlin asked me if I can make a Yogi Bear themed bento. I just said "I'll try". The next morning, I thought an ordinary bear bento would be easier, so that's just what I did. I used a bear face cutter for the small bear, and I used a glass for the big bear. (Sad to admit but I don't have a round cutter. hehe) I filled them with mayo, sweet ham & white American cheese. For the ears, eyes & nose, I used cheese and grapes. For the small bear's eyes, I used raisins.

I added a small piece of romaine lettuce to look like a cap (just like Yogi's). When I picked her up from school in the afternoon, she gave me a big warm hug, saying thank you for making Yogi & Boo-boo.  She said they looked so cool, and Clarise agreed! I realized little kids are indeed so easy to please! So I'm officially calling this Yogi Bear Bento! :)

Bento #19Chicken Nuggets and Mac & Cheese Bento (Clarise's request)
What's in it: Macaroni & Cheese, chicken nuggets, grapes and cantaloupe

Mac & Cheese is Clarise and Cherlin's favorite. They can eat it everyday and when it's all gone, they keep asking for I usually cook a lot of it and just store it in the refrigerator.  They had mac & cheese with chicken nuggets yesterday, and today, Clarise requested to have it again...but this time, with beef franks. They just couldn't get enough of it! :) 

Wishing you all a great weekend! As we commemorate 9/11 this Sunday, let us all remember those who were killed, those who sacrificed their lives or health to rescue others, and all those who have mourned and continue to mourn their loss from that horrible act of terrorism...and let us pray that such tragedy never happen again...


  1. everything is so gorgeous Tina and do give away the gift to the best. I am comfortable with cooking what my hubby enjoys and he surely does not get impressed with all the creativity but a decent meal on the table.

  2. Well done, Tina and not forgetting both Clarise and Cherlin too, for contributing your ideas for your own bento themes! ;D
    I love your your Yogi Bear Bento! They look really cute esp the big bears with their grapes eyes! Pls don't be sad that you don't have any round cutters, making bento don't necessary must have all the gadgets. We can just use whatever we have in the house and that makes your bento creation even more creative! ;) You're doing really good at this, Tina! Love your idea of using lettuce for it's cap! ;D

    Kiddos... always the loveliest in the world! Have a wonderful weekend! ^^

  3. What a fun contest! I'll have to check out the entries sent in so far.

    The other kids at school must think you are a super cool mom for making all those lovely bentos. Have a great weekend!

  4. Woow, your yogi bear bento look so cute. Lovely ideal. :)

  5. Thanks ladies! My daughters told me that their classmates are so jealous of their bentos. Knowing that inspires me to be more creative! ;)

  6. These are too cute! I wish I could be a fraction as creative as you are. Your kids must be so excited to open their lunch boxes at school! Thanks for sharing, as always, I am in awe with your creations =]

  7. To respond to Biren's comment...I want to be a popular mom too! j/k I gotta start learning how to be a cool mom like you! Wonderful bento collections Tina!

  8. This looks almost too nice to eat! Such delicate and patience in creating something so beautiful!

  9. Tina, the bentos are so cute and pretty. I don't think I can ever eat them.. this is definitely a memorable dining or isit eating experience. Yummm..xoxo Jo

    P/S: btw, I got an award for collect it from my blog okay? ;)

  10. Your bentos look prettier and prettier! The Yogi & boo boo one is amazing! <3

    The contest is a fab idea! I love it!!!!

  11. Fun contest! Love the bento boxes- your like the coolest mom ever!

  12. Your bento boxes are too cute!! I;m loving your blog!

  13. I can't imagine how excited your girls are opening bento box... and their friends probably want you as a mom. LOL! I would!! Thanks for shariing lots of creative ideas to entertain kids with healthy food!