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How Proud We Are To Be Filipinos and My Bibingka Recipe

Two weeks ago, Clarise told me that she really wants our family to participate in her school's Multicultural Day presentation. She said she wants to share our culture to her classmates and schoolmates so that they will know that she is proud to be from the Philippines. I am truly so amazed of her eagerness to join the said event. Being able to instill into our children the love for our native country is one thing that Ryan and I always try to do, and I am glad that we're seeing good results. Clarise speaks Tagalog (a dialect in the Philippines' Metro Manila area and Region IV where our national language, Filipino was based from) quite well and we can see in her that she's always proud to tell anyone that she's a Filipino. She's even teaching her friends some easy Tagalog words. Cherlin, on the other hand, is doing her best to learn Tagalog. She tries very hard not to forget saying "po" & "opo" (words that are use to show respect when talking to older people). The other day, she said "Mahal po kita, Mommy" which means "I love you, Mommy", and she seemed very proud of herself for being able to say it. Just like Clarise, she was so excited about participating in the Multicultural Day. She helped me prepare our display boards. She tried to find stuff she got from the Philippines when we last went home in 2007, and she gave them to me saying "These will be good proof that we are from the Philippines, Mommy!". It really feels good to see that the love for the Philippines has grown in our daughters' hearts.

Yesterday gave us another meaningful experience as our family once again represented the Philippines. It was our second time to do this...but first time at Robertson Elementary since we moved here in Little Elm last year. Though we didn't have that much visual display to show, just being there to share about WHAT THE PHILIPPINES IS" and "WHO WE, FILIPINOS ARE" is something to be proud of. The presentation was done during the day so all the students from K-5 were there to learn about our culture. Wearing our Pilipinas shirts, we gladly showed more than 600 students how proud we are to be Filipinos. My whole family truly takes pride in taking part in such activities because it's a very good opportunity to show other people the Philippine Culture, which many Filipinos are not willing to do. To many, the Philippines is nothing but a third world country who's progress has always been impeded by graft and corruption. There are even some who won't even admit that they are Filipinos, as though the Philippines was struck by a plague that they don’t want to be associated with. There are some who would just keep on speaking in English even if you start talking to them in Filipino. Others would usually give you a litany of why they do not like to go back, like pollution, traffic, poor roads, poverty, etc. 

There's just one thing I can say about this: No matter where we go and no matter how much we try to adapt ourselves to other culture, nothing can change the fact that we are Filipinos. So instead of being ashamed about it, why not do something to make others see that the Philippines is not just a poor country in Asia, but a very beautiful one with wonderful people and a very rich heritage. Sino pa ba ang magmamahal sa Pilipinas kundi tayong mga Pilipino (Who else will love the Philippines but us Filipinos)? As for my family, we may not be in the Philippines but there's one thing that won't ever change: We are from the Philippines, and we are proud to be Filipinos!

I want to share with all of you some pictures from yesterday's Multicultural Day at Robertson Elementary. Included in our display are the following:

* A display board showing some facts about the Philippines: National Symbols, President and Vice President, Philippine Map, Currency, Famous People, Filipino Traits, etc.

 * Wooden ref magnets, key chains, bracelets and necklaces with pictures showing the Philippine forests:

* My necklaces and earrings made from shells with pictures showing the beautiful El Nido Resort in Palawan:

* Islands Souvenir shirts and some bags and fans made in the Philippines:

 * And of course, my Filipino recipe books!

Clarise proudly joined in the national costume fashion show wearing the "saya" (Philippine traditional dress) which one of our friends let her borrow. 

We also brought Lumpiang Shanghai (Filipino Egg Rolls) and Bibingka (Rice Cake) to share with the teachers, which they loved so much! I've shared the Filipino Egg Rolls recipe before. If you want to check the recipe, click here.

Bibingka is a type of rice cake native to the Philippines. This is traditionally made from galapong (milled glutinous rice), coconut milk, margarine, and sugar. During dawn masses on Christmas season, side street vendors are a common sight preparing and selling this delicious rice cake.

The traditional way of cooking Bibingka is unique and quite time consuming. The mixture is poured on a clay pot lined with pre-cut banana leaf. A special clay oven known as “Bibingka oven” is needed to bake this rice cake. The clay pot is placed between the layers of the Bibingka oven and lit charcoals are placed below and above the clay pot to evenly cook the mixture.

The way I cook my bibingka is an alternative to the traditional one. Instead of rice flour, I use all purpose flour. I've tried using rice flour before but I really like the texture of the one made from all purpose flour better so I prefer using it. Since I don’t have clay pots around and it is impossible to find Bibingka ovens in our local Home Depot, I used ordinary cake pans and my kitchen oven instead. I usually make my bibingka in rectangular pans like this:

But to make it look more like the real bibingka I thought of using my flower molds instead. I only have 12 of them, so I used an ordinary  muffin pan for the rest. It was a hit!

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Prep Time: ~15 mins               Cook Time: ~35 mins                Yield: 24 pcs.             

  • 2 cups all purpose flour
  • 4 tsp baking powder
  • 1 ½ cup milk
  • ½  cup melted butter
  • 2 eggs
  • 1 ½ cup sugar
  • ½ cup finely grated cheese
  •  8 oz. Cream cheese
For topping:
  • 4 Tbsp sugar
  • ¼ cup melted butter
  • 4 oz. cream cheese
  • ½ cup grated cheese

1. Heat oven to 350F. Lightly grease 2 cupcake pans or 24 pcs. oven safe puto molds.
2. Mix topping ingredients (except grated cheddar cheese) in a small bowl . Set aside.
3. Sift flour & baking powder into a large bowl. Add milk, butter, eggs, sugar and grated cheese. Using a wire whisk, mix until well combined. 
4.Pour mix into the pan or molds.

5. Slice cream cheese, put on top and cover with mixture.

6. Bake for 20 minutes or until top is fluffy.

7. Remove from oven and brush bibingka with topping mixture. 

8. Return to oven. Lower heat to  325F and bake until top is all bubbly, about 10-12 minutes.

9. Top with cheddar cheese just after removing from oven.
10. Allow to cool down a bit and serve!


  1. Tina what a beautiful post. Really. I think that it is wonderful for children to embrace their heritage while fully integrating in the communities that their parents have chosen to live in. You have no idea how lucky your kids are that they have embraced your mother tongue - it will serve them well in life. What an incredible spread of great food - I'm sure your kids' friends now all want to come over for play dates :)

  2. Hi, I'm your newest follower, Ashley (from blog hop) the post & especially recipes as I love to cook! :-)

  3. What a great post Tina! You did such an amazing job with your daughters for this event, and I'm sure they learned whole a lot about Filipino culture. Look at those display and yummy food...The egg rolls, my favorite, and Bibingka, which is a new food to me. Now i'm so worried if I can do similar things when my kids get older. You are such a great mom Tina. I highly admire of you.

  4. My son lived in the Philippines for a couple of years and is married to a native Filipino(It think I told you already:)). He speaks fluent tagalog, and my daughter-in-law tells me that he virtually has no accent, and that all Filipinos are always amazed:)
    Have fun with your presentation! It's nice to hear your daughter embraces her heritage:)

  5. Mabuhay! So lovely to see that you have represented our country so well with your Filipno shirts, Charise's baro't saya, and our very own food. You are a fine example of a true Pinay, Tina.

  6. Very nice post, your princess in cute. Bibingka recipe looks delicious.

  7. I think everyone should be proud of their heritage and I'm glad your family shows that you are. I think it is fantastic in fact. I loved all of the photos.

  8. Loved the way you are teaching your kids to love their family's culture. The Philippines is a beautiful country and, while it may have problems, I don't know any other countries without some issues to deal with- and most, if not all, have some level of corruption. Wonderful recipe and presentation! You did a great job with the exhibit.

  9. one of my friend stays in Manila with her family and she tells me how beautiful the country is and how friendly the people are. Reading your post .. about your family .. i can related to what my friend keeps saying :)

  10. Hi Tina! This is really a nice one, a great way for everyone to get to know different countries, cultures, foods & everything! You and your family did a great job on this event! I'm sure your country is proud of you & family for loving it so much! :D
    Both of your dishes here are making me hungry now! LOL

  11. Lovely post Tina! Multicultural Day is a goodtime for children to shae their own culture and to learn about other cultures. Bibingka is new to me but it sure looks very tasty. Have a great weekend!

  12. Tina, thanks for following me! I am now following you too! What a wonderful thing for your daughter to share her culture with her classmates!!!

  13. Congrats Tina,
    What a beautiful post!I cant find the words to describe it as I am also a Filipino woman like you.I am proud of you and your family.Your daughters are both lovely and congrats also to Ryan,such a loving husband and father.Keep going Tina,you have a gift and a mission to fulfill.

  14. following you back and liked you on facebook too. Your food looks great.

  15. You and your daughter did an awesome job! Love the project, love the recipe (like always) and love love love being PINAY! By the way <~~you deserve it!

  16. Ohhh Tina!!! What a touching post... I think all the people who live far from their native countries can easily relate to your feelings. It really touched me. You can surely be proud of being Filipino and of the fact that your daughters are picking up on the language and cultural heritage. It is so difficult these days... I try hard to teach my girls Italian and though they understand everything, they (well Victoria... Georgia is still too small) mostly reply in English... The fact that my husband is not Italian, does not help in this, as we speak English as a family... but I don't give up! I know they'll pick it up! :-) I have always wanted to go to the Philippines, I have seen amazing pictures of your beautiful country and one day I will visit it!!! :-)

  17. That is such a terrific post. The recipes sound amazing and it's wonderful to see the family so proud of your heritage. Thanks for sharing this with your readers.

  18. Of course! Share your culture and be proud. You are giving your children a great lesson and others too. A great post, Tina. And beautiful family!!!

  19. wow galing naman tina! so nice to see you and ryan teaching your girls to be proud of their culture and raising them pinoy na pinoy.:) hope to see you and your girls as well soon.. hugs to your cute girls!

  20. You are amazing! It's great to know that you still remember your root as a Filipino and teaching your children and sharing with the community about your background. We should be proud of where we come from, our language, people, culture, tradition. That's our identity that we should not strip away due to shame. I am so proud of you!

  21. basta pinoy.. lahi ra gyud! congrats!

  22. you are a rare example of a parent cultivating the native heritage to her kids. Mabuhay ka!!!!

  23. I will try this recipe of yours. Looks good. Thank you for all this good recipes you are sharing to us. More blessing to you.

  24. Hi Ms. Tina pde po bang gumawa kau ng cake, dko po alam ang tawag pero masarap po's like chiffon cake with buttercream,topped with grated cheese,sana po mkpag share kau ng recipe.pti po chocoflan please.i'm your follower po,natry ko na recipes nyo at lahat masasarap po.i posted it sa blog ko linking to your site po.thanks po:-D

    1. Maraming salamat! Don't worry, I'll put your request in my list.

  25. Tina, I'm a nurse in Seattle. I appreciate your postings. i love to cook and am always looking for recipes native to our country. I went to a party where they served this kind of bibingka. Unfortunately, they did not want to share the recipe. I'm glad I found yours. My foreign co-workers loved it, and were all asking for the recipe. I printed multiple copies of your recipe. Kudos to you! S.Garcia (Seattle)