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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Sweet Corn Flavored Ice Candy

It isn't officially summer in the US...but here in North Texas, where high temperature ranges from 93-96F, we can already feel the heat (which is heightened more by the tough match between Miami Heat & Dallas Mavericks)! On hot days like what we have now, ICE CANDY is the simplest treat that never fails to put smiles on my daughters' faces.

Ice candy is the Filipino version of pop ice that's in this little plastic bags, the end of which you nibble on to sip or bite the treat. The first time I shared Ice Candy here on Pinay In Texas Cooking Corner, I featured strawberry, avocado and chocolate flavored ice, it's SWEET CORN flavored. What's so good about making ice candy is that you can use any fruits that is in season or whatever is available in your pantry or refrigerator like chocolate, coffee, milk and even boxed or bottled juice. We love ice candy that I never want to run out of ice candy plastic bags. It's not available in Asian Stores here in the US, so I always ask friends coming back from the Philippines to bring us some. It's more economical to use compared to popsicle molds especially if you want to make lots of them.

If you loved my Avocado, Strawberry and Chocolate flavored Ice Candies, you'll definitely love this one too. Whether you are a sweet corn lover or not...this would be a very good summer treat for you!

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Yield 18 pcs.

  • 2 pcs corn on the cob or 1 can cream-style sweet corn (I prefer using freshly boiled corn on the cob.)
  • 3½ cups fresh milk
  • ½ cup white sugar
  • ¾ cup condensed milk

    1. If using freshly boiled corn on the cob:
    Using a knife, cut the kernels off the corn cob.

    2. Place all ingredients in a blender. Blend until smooth. 

    If using corn kernels, remove corn hulls that will float on the surface after turning off the blender.

    3. Prepare 16-18 pcs ice candy bags. Funnel a little more than ¼ cup of the mixture into the bags. Corn will settle in the bottom of the blender pitcher so be sure to stir the mixture before pouring onto the funnel. 

    4. Tie securely.

    *For a more detailed procedure with pictures of making ice candy, click here.

    5. Freeze until set.