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Cod Linguine with Sun-Dried Tomatoes in Crisco Pure Olive Oil

Though I loved helping and watching my Mom cooked back when I was a little girl, I didn't care much about the kind or brand of ingredients she used. Knowing the ingredients names was enough for me. I never asked her what type of vinegar she used or if the soy sauce is light or not. I would see her frying or sauteing using an unbranded bottled oil, but I never thought of asking what kind of oil it was. I guess good taste was all that mattered to me back then.

When I started cooking on my own, I became more selective on the ingredients I use. I started having my own ingredient type or brand preference, and I mostly go for ingredients with more health benefits than just good taste. I found out that my parents aren't really sure what the cooking oil frequently used by my mom was made from. They said it was either made from coconut or soy, but they aren't really sure...I stopped using it since then. I started using healthier types of oil which include olive oil. But because of olive oil's low smoke point, I only use it for marinades, salad dressing and sauteing.
When I first noticed Crisco Olive Oil (which comes in Extra Virgin, Pure and Light varieties) in the market early this year, I bought one of each variety to try...and I was so glad I did! I was so impressed with the flavor! I am even more glad to find out that one variety, the Crisco Light Olive Oil, is suggested to be used for frying. I never run out of all three varieties of Crisco Olive Oil in my kitchen since then! 
Last week when I received these three bottles of Crisco Olive Oil as part of Foodbuzz Tastemaker Program, I was so thrilled! 

Who wouldn't want free samples of your favorite product?! I was so surprised to received  1 bottle of Crisco Light Olive Oil and 2 bottles of Crisco Pure Olive Oil! Did Crisco or Foodbuzz know that the Pure Olive Oil would be of more use to me? Well maybe! :) I'm really happy to get 2 bottles of Pure Olive Oil cause I use it more often. As I've told you before, Filipinos love to saute...and that is ideally what Pure Olive Oil is for, aside from roasting and grilling. Light Olive Oil on the other hand is ideal for frying, baking and as an all purpose cooking oil. And Extra Virgin Olive Oil is for dipping, dressings, drizzling and sauces. Do you wonder what is actually the difference between these three olive oil varieties? Let me tell you...
Olive oil is extracted by pressing or crushing olives. The varieties of olive oil differs on the amount of processing involved. Extra virgin is considered the best, least processed, comprising the oil from the first pressing of the olives. Pure undergoes some processing, such as filtering and refining and light undergoes considerable processing and only retains a very mild olive flavour.

I am a big fan of Olive oil because of its health benefits which is due to its high content of monounsaturated fatty acids and its high content of antioxidants. Studies have shown that olive oil helps in preventing conditions related to coronary disease, stroke and certain types of cancers. I've tried different varieties of olive oil and different brands as well. Do you know what I love about Crisco Olive Oil??? Crisco Olive Oil is of very good quality (though not as good as gourmet olive oil) and is as good as the other pricier regular olive oil brands I've tried. It has a wonderful aroma, a nice authentic olive flavor and it comes in a plastic bottle! (Glass is always an issue here in our home especially during crunch time. I remember when Ryan accidentally broke an expensive bottle of gourmet olive oil when he was in a hurry to get a bottle of ketchup...I was so disappointed!) I also like that Crisco Olive Oil label includes the recommended use for each variety. It is helpful especially to those who are first time olive oil users. 

Today, I am sharing with you one of the recipes I love cooking using Crisco Pure Olive Oil. I call it Cod Linguine with Sun-Dried Tomatoes...a very simple and easy to prepare pasta dish with a very satisfying taste! The mild taste of cod and the wonderful flavors of olive oil and sun-dried tomatoes make this dish one of my family's favorite! Check it out!

  • 6 Tbsp Crisco Pure Olive Oil
  • 4 pcs. cod fillet
  • 1 lb 7-grain linguine pasta
  • ½ cup sliced black olives
  • ½ cup garlic, minced
  • ½ cup fresh basil, chopped
  • 3 Tbsp lemon juice
  • 1 cup sun-dried tomatoes, drained and cut into strips
  • 1 cup shredded parmesan cheese
  • Parsley for garnishing
  • Kosher Salt
  • Black pepper

1. Sprinkle cod fillet with kosher salt and pepper. Let sit for at least 10 minutes.
2. Meanwhile, bring 2 quarts of water to a boil over medium-high heat, add 2 Tbsp salt and stir in the pasta. Cook until al dente, approximately 10 to 12 minutes. Drain the pasta well, reserving 5 Tbsp cooking liquid.
3. In a large skillet, fry cod fillet in Crisco Pure Olive Oil until both sides turn light brown. Remove from skillet and set aside.
4. In the same skillet, sauté garlic until light brown. Add olives, basil and sun-dried tomatoes. Saute for a minute. Add lemon juice and the reserved pasta cooking liquid. Mix well. Set aside about 2 Tbsp of the mixture.
5. Add pasta. Toss just until the pasta is covered with the mixture. Remove from heat.
6. Divide into 4 equal servings. Sprinkle pasta with shredded parmesan cheese. Put fried cod on top of pasta then top each cod with ½ Tbsp of reserved mixture. Garnish with parsley
7. Serve warm.

Disclosure: I was provided complimentary Crisco Olive Oil samples through the Foodbuzz Tastemakers Program. I was not required to provide a positive nor negative product review. All opinions expressed here are my own.


  1. I haven't try Crisco olive oil..but your meal is just stunning Tina. what a great recipe and pictures are truly mouthwatering..Thank you for sharing sweetie and have a fantastic day!

  2. I haven't tried Crisco olive oil either...I am going to have to try this out and see how it is! This looks like a really good, I like the cod and linguine, never had it like that before

  3. this pasta dish looks divine. I could use some now to get rid of this moving anxiety that i'm having lately haha.
    thanks tina for stopping by. I appreciate your sweet words.
    I haven't tried crisco olive oil yet. Im sure you made them happy for trying it out and developing this recipe for its use.
    Have a good mid-week!

  4. I have not made a pasta dish in a while, this just may be the next one! Thank you! Audra

  5. Tina, what a yummy pasta dish...the mild fish with the flavorful sauce pair perfectly! It looks wonderful~

  6. looks so yum, this recipe is next on my list :) new follower from

  7. This dish looks great! ;D
    As for me, I'd keep asking my mom (only coz my dad would have to depend on his mood... weird huh!?) what she used, which brand is better etc and some times I just wondered if she ever get so pissed with my so many questions. Hahah ;P

  8. Never tried Cisco brand olive oil before, so thank you for the review! Your dish is always so very homey and I love it. Your kids are really lucky you can cook such various meals and desserts. My kids love sun dried tomatoes and they even look for it while eating. I should cook with cod next time. I had never tried cooking cod in pasta before. ;-)

  9. I have also moved on to healthy ingredients Tina, not only olive oil but even others like sugar and salt by buying the organic ones.

    I like that piece of cod on top you have placed, another healthy fish but its quite pricey over here.

  10. I love olive oil but have not tried the Crisco brand. I'll have to check it out soon. Your pasta with cod and sun dried tomatoes look yummy!

  11. Love crisco and the sun dried tomatoes look fantastic! Love you added them along with cod and the pasta

  12. wow, sun dried tomatoes... i love it!