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Curly Haired Girl Bento and Sandwich Bentos

So how are your kids enjoying their time back at school??? For both my girls, so far so good! They are still so enthusiastic every hard time waking up, eating breakfast, taking a shower and dressing up. My 4th grader got perfect scores in her first spelling, math & science quizzes. She joined the school choir and is auditioning for the all city choir...and she's running again for student council class representative. I guess it will be a busy school year for her! My kindergartener on the other hand, is really enjoying school so much! She gets a "green" in her daily folder everyday which means that she's doing good...she's full of stories when she gets home...and always so eager to do her homework! Her first year in school is really starting well! I hope things will remain the same for both Clarise and Cherlin! May their enthusiasm and eagerness to learn never stop!

Ryan (the hubs) thinks the bentos I make for the girls contribute a lot to their enthusiasm because it gives them something to look forward to everyday. This week, instead of me deciding what to put in my daughters' bentos, I had them tell me what food and theme they want. It is a whole lot easier that way! At least I am sure that they like the food, and they're not just force to eat the bento because it's cute! :) But I still do all the design, and they won't see it until lunch it's always exciting for them to see what I came up with! 

I'm sharing with you three of the themes Clarise and Cherlin requested for this week:

Bento #14 Flower Garden Bento (Cherlin's idea)
What's in it: Flower shaped cheese/peanut butter sandwich, flower shaped carrots
with celery leaves, flower shaped spam with cheese, broccoli, grapes and pear

Cherlin wanted a flower garden theme, and she wanted bread, carrots, cheese & spam in here's what I came up with.
For 1 flower, you will need, 2 slices of bread. You have to cut the crusts off, cut each slice into 3 equal pieces and using the back of a knife, make a crease on each for easier folding. You will also need two slices of American cheese cut into the same size as the bread, and a few more slices that you can use to design the flower. Put one slice of cheese on  each piece of bread, and gently fold them together to form a heart shaped petal. Push the edges to seal. I made one big and one small flower for each bento box so I used three slices of bread, instead of just two (5 petals for big flower & 4 petals for small flower). Clarise requested for peanut butter filling so I just spread peanut butter into each piece of bread and folded them the same way as the cheese filled petals. After making the petals, arranged them together in the bento box to make flowers and just decorate them as you please. As for me, I made star and flower shaped cheese for the centers.
I also added flower and star shaped spam on top of the cheese flower center to make it more appealing, and made some more flower shaped spam with cheese center for an additional flowery effect in the bento box...
To add some color, I made flower shaped carrots with celery leaves...and I also added blanched broccoli in it. This is a bit time consuming, so I suggest that you cut the bread ahead of time and just wrap them tight with plastic. Do the same with the carrots, cheese and spam. Wrap them in plastic and refrigerate. 

Bento #15 Curly Haired Girl Bento (Clarise's idea)
What's in it: Chicken Pasta, American Cheese, Carrots, Spam, cantaloupe and grapes

This is very simple. This is basically my Pasta With Chicken and Sun-dried Tomatoes in Alfredo Sauce, but Clarise requested me to cook it without the sun-dried tomatoes all because she likes it better that way. So that's what I did. She wanted me to use the pasta as girl's hair cause she read from Lyn's (of My Lil Cheeky & Messy) comment on my bento post last week that spaghetti noodles should be used for a more defined hair. Thanks to Lyn for that tip!

To make the girl's face, I just used spam...and for the eyes and lips, I used cheese. I also made some flower shaped smileys using spam and cheese.

Bento #16 Under the Sea Bento (Clarise's idea)
What's in it: Fish and Starfish shaped ham sandwich, squid and octopus beef franks, cantaloupe, grapes and kiwi

Clarise requested for an "under the sea" theme, and she just wanted ham sandwich in it. But I wanted to add more sea creatures, so I made squids and octopus using beef franks. For steps in making the octopus, click here. For the ham sandwich, I used multi-grain white bread, bread, mayonnaise, and turkey ham... 
For the eyes and mouth I used regular American cheese, and for the scales, American white cheese.
For the squid, cut one beef frank in half then cut each half lengthwise. For each piece, notch the top to form a pointed head and then make a notch on each side about half inch down the head. Make several slits to form the legs of the squid. Using a knife, make 2 small holes for eyes and a little slit for a smile. This will become noticeable after cooking. Boil in water until the legs are curled up.
These are the cutters I used for the fish & star fish. For the fish tails, I just used a sharp knife to shape it.

Wishing you all a great weekend! And for my friends and readers here in the US, Happy Labor Day!


  1. I see that you are back with more bento and just not more but much prettier once :)

  2. So cute! I love the spam in there too, I would have died of happiness to have this as my lunch.

  3. I love all the creative ideas from your gals! ;D
    So glad that my lil tip helps. ;)
    How I wished my gals would also do the same like what themes they want for their bentos! They're just too lazy to give me any suggestions... but they'll tell me what food they want, so it's still not so bad.. lol

    Have fun bento-ing and enjoy your weekends! ;)

  4. I see some very busy mom not loving the mother who sends their child to school with these. "Mommie Jimmy's Mom's sandwiches have cute faces, why don't yours look like that?" LOL
    These are really cute. I love them

  5. Bento-ing is so fun! Glad we share common interest :) I'm also following u now!

  6. So cute. I just love this. Your creativity amazes me.

  7. Those are cute but what do you do with all the food scraps from the cutouts? It seems like this idea could easily be very wasteful... is there a way to give them the same excitement without the frivolity?

  8. Hi Tessa! I am a person who never wants food to go into waste. So I always find ways to make use of the scrap food I use for my bentos. From the scrap bread, I make bread pudding. For the spam or beef franks as well as the cheese or vegetables, I chop and mix them together, and add some mayonnaise to make sandwich spread.
    You just have to be creative and inventive all the time! ;)

  9. I just read your response on how to use scrap food. Wonderful idea! Your bento is always fun to watch!

  10. Thanks Nami! It's really fun doing bentos because I can see how my daughters love it! But I really hate wasting food so I see to it that I make use of the scrap food. I really don't have prob with the scrap meat, cheese & veggies coz I can always use it for my breakfast sandwich. For the bread, I actually have to wait for the weekend to be able to use it. The scrap bread remains in the ref until there's enough of it to make a pudding. :)

  11. Oh my goodness Tina! You are getting better and better! These bentos are so pretty and creative! I loved how you made the flowers in your first bentos and the squid and octopus beef franks are just TOO cute!! Well done! I am also very happy to hear that the girls are enjoying school! :-)