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Celebrating My Blog's 7th Monthsary With The Seven Links Challenge

Last Friday, Ray of Wok With Ray nominated me to be part of this fun and exciting game called My 7 Links Challenge, where bloggers get to feature some of their previous posts based on 7 categories. I find it so timely for my blog's 7th monthsary today to be able to look back to all the previous posts I've written and bring some of them back to the limelight.

The simple rule of this challenge is to choose seven best posts according to seven categories (one for each category) and then pass the invitation along to five more bloggers and it goes on.

Choosing a post for each category wasn't easy for me. I'm a blogger who gives my heart to every post I share, so I love them all. But after giving it some serious thought, here's what I came up with:

I don't bake a lot, and I'm really not into cake decorating. On birthdays and other special occasions, I cook a lot of Filipino food but we usually just buy cakes and cupcakes. But when my daughter, Clarise requested me to make a personalized cake for her Wizards of Waverly Place themed birthday party, I just couldn't say no. I know it's far from the looks of a cake from a professional pastry chef but in the eyes of Clarise and her friends, it is the most beautiful birthday cake and cupcakes ever! 

The most popular post: 
I know that I should only choose one post per category, but I really can't decide on where I should base the popularity. So I chose two: one based on pageviews and one based on comments. :)
Based on pageviews: Yummilicious Ice Candy
According to Google Analytics, my Yummilicious Ice Candy post has the most pageviews so far. I guess many people are finding the Filipino version of ice pops so unique and interesting!

 Based on comments: Leche Flan
I don't have much readers and each of my posts gets only a maximum of 20 comments, and sometimes, none at all. With 32 comments, this is the most commented post of mine, so it has the right to be called popular, right? It is also my 2nd most viewed post so I can say it is really popular! Maybe readers were interested to know how the Filipino Leche Flan differs from other flans. Well, the only difference is that the Philippine version uses only egg yolks which gives it a creamier texture, and is steamed as compared to other versions of flan which are baked quite often. 

The most controversial post: Bratwurst and Vegetables in Oyster Sauce
What...Bratwurst in Oyster Sauce??? Everyone seemed surprised to see a German sausage combined with Asian Oyster Sauce. So controversial, that it was featured on A Moderate Life's Hearth and Soul Hop Highlights under the category Unique International Fusion Dish

The most helpful post: Sweet Corn Flavored Ice Candy
I have some other posts which my readers said helped them. But being the third most viewed post of mine according to Google Analytics, I chose my  Sweet Corn Flavored Ice Candy. I think this very simple Filipino summer treat helped people realize that there's more to corn than being a side dish. 

The post that was surprisingly successful:  Inipit
Inipit which  literally means "pressed" is a sandwich like pastry which originated in Malolos, Bulacan where I was born. Though it was my first time to make it, it turned out successful. And it brought me some sort of success too, because I was chosen winner by Clabber Girl's Cullinary Classroom Chef, April Osburn in OTT A's April Iron Chef Challenge! It was my first time to win a contest where I didn't have to promote my entry. All I did was to submit it, and it was all up to the judge to decide! I won...and I really love the $100 worth Gourmet Basket I got from Clabber Girl!!!

The post that did not get the attention it deserved: Pancit Palabok
Pancit Palabok was my very first post and since I didn't have readers yet during that time, this very tasty Filipino noodle dish didn't get as much attention as it really deserved.

The post I am most proud of:
I started my blog 7 months ago with the purpose of being able to promote the goodness and uniqueness of Filipino Cuisine. At the same time, I want it to be a mirror of who I am - a Filipina, who despite of being in another country, will never forget her roots and will never be ashamed of where she came from. These two posts of mine made me feel that somehow, I have accomplished those goals, and I am very proud of them! Sorry again for breaking the rule of just one post per category...I just feel that I should put both posts in the spotlight. 
This post, which is about my family representing the Philippines at Clarise's School Multicultural Day, allowed me to show the whole world how much my family takes pride in participating in such activities because it's a very good opportunity to show other people the Philippine Culture, which many Filipinos are not willing to do. It really feels good to let other people know that our love for the Philippines has remained in our hearts. I am very proud of this post just as much as my family and I are proud to be Filipinos!
I'm so proud of my first Foodbuzz 24x24 post, not only because I was able to share to the blogosphere this very unique Filipino dinner party, but also because I was able to pull this off successfully. Being able to prepare 8 dishes and entertain 15 guests, then make a post the next day with all the recipes and pictures was something I never thought I could manage...but I did!

And now, I want to nominate the following bloggers to share with us their seven links. The rule said five bloggers, but I'm doing 7. It's my blog's 7th monthsary and this is the 7 links 7 it is! :)
Medeja of Cranberry Jam

I hope they will all take the challenge and will have fun doing it as much as I did!

My sincerest thanks to Ray of Wok With Ray for choosing me to be part of this! I'm so honored and grateful that he thought of me among many other bloggers! THANKS SO MUCH, RAY!!!

And lastly, as I celebrate Pinay In Texas Cooking Corner's 7th monthsary, I want to thank all of you for your continued support! My blog won't last this long without you! THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART!



  1. Super links. Happy 7th monthaversary :D

  2. congratulations on your blogs' monthsary! what a way to celebrate it with the seven links? hmmm lucky 7 streak huh!
    personally i love the inipit... and you're right my ice candy post too gathered the most clicks recently!
    happy sunday!

  3. I find all of these interesting, I really should try more Filipino food. The ice candy pops do look good!

  4. Congratulations on your blog's 7th Monthsary! I'm also very proud of your 2 posts that you're very proud of! Esp the one on you and your family representing the Philippines at Clarise's School Multicultural Day! Really very glad that you're proud and happy of where you're from and share everything about your beautiful country, The Philippines! Well done and great job Tina! Thank you so much for tagging me in this fun tagged challenging game. I feel so honored and very happy that you're always such a sweetie to me, my dear friend! You never failed to think of me and my blog whenever there's anything to share. I'm truly touched and greatly appreciated your sincerity. TKS! *hugs* ^.^

  5. How sweet, 7 months, seven links!
    Congratulations on both, Tina!
    Thanks for tagging me, I received the e-mail notification, and replied back to you.
    I love your 7 links, such a beautiful post, and also a collage of your amazing dishes, and photos of your sweet family!
    I'm so happy to be a foodie friend, and follow you along your journey with your delicious foods from your country, and a variety of different cultures!

  6. My favorite is the leche flan, Tina! So glad to have picked you to continue the "Seven Links" and so glad to have you as a foodie friend.

    Have a blessed Sunday!

    ~ ray ~

  7. Hi Tina! Thanks so much for tagging me. Wow, 7 months now and look at what you've done so far! I remember well the post you wrote about how proud you are to be Filipino and your amazing 24x24 post. Oh, the memories! I travel a lot in the summer and just got home from a short trip up north so I'm not sure if I have time. I'll give this wonderful event some thought overnight and get back to you. I'll also be back to see what you've been up to! I've missed a lot of your posts this summer and look forward to catching up. xo

  8. Oh Tina! I loved reading about your 7 links! It is such a great game and a way to re see some of our past best posts! And yours are all so amazing. I really enjoyed reading your choices! Great post! And happy 7th month blogiversary!

  9. Thanks everyone for all the warm greetings and nice comments! I'm really so grateful for having such wonderful readers like you! ♥♥♥

  10. Thanks for the awesome posts recaps. Now off to visit some of these goodies I surpassed =)

  11. thanks so much for tagging me! i'll use the chance to share some old posts as soon as i can. trying to squeee time out to blog in the middle of my summer internship now..the pancit palabok definitely deserves more attention!!

  12. hi tina! I finally did my 7 posts(: thanks for tagging me! it was lots of fun!